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East Ridge celebrates Veteran's Day

colors presented

Veteran's Day by Deborah Stone
East Ridge Elementary joined many other schools in the Northshore School District in commemorating Veteran's Day last Friday. Children, teachers, parents, and veterans gathered at the school, where scouts presented the colors and the school band played "America the Beautiful."
   Songs were sung in tribute to the flag, and Principal Sylvia Lesser asked those gathered to recognize the veterans present for their service as well as to remember those who had died in service to their country.
   Sixth grade teacher Bob Farnus, a veteran of the Vietnam War, spoke about the meaning of the flag for him and the respect it deserves. A solemn rendition of "Taps" concluded the ceremony, with children returning to their classes in a silent procession.
   "It is very important for us to take the time to mark this special holiday and note its significance," said music teacher and ceremony coordinator Janie Anderson. "The children need to understand that there were many people, men and women, who served our country in various ways, and they all deserve recognition."