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Puget Power offers new way to report outages

power outages A new automated service system enables Puget Power customers to quickly report outages and receive outage status information, without having to talk to a representative.
   After calling Puget Power, a customer can choose to speak with a service representative or choose the automated outage reporting system. The automated system will ask the customer for the area code and phone number at the outage location.
   The system will confirm the outage address to make sure Puget Power's report is accurate and to help the company make the repairs. Then an automated voice will state the information that is already known about the outage, such as when it was first reported, how many customers reported it and, if known, the cause and approximate time the customer's power should be restored. For example, the statement could be: "Your outage was caused by a tree falling across a power line and your power is estimated to be back on by 3 p.m. today."
   Although customer feedback has been favorable since implementation of the system, some customers prefer not to use an automated system. Callers do have an option to talk directly to a customer service representative.
   The company recently installed 100 additional phone lines, improving overall access for customers who choose to talk with a representative or use the automated system.