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News from the Metro King County Council

County Council by Louise Miller, Councilmember
District 3 constituents continue to tell me that parks and recreation services are extremely important to them. I think this is particularly true in the rural areas, where citizens do not have easy access to facilities provided by suburban cities.
   The Metropolitan King County Council is currently in the process of reviewing the Executive's 1997 proposed budget. I will be paying close attention to the parks and recreation services proposed for District 3 and working to ensure the services provided are the ones most needed by our community.
   I have listed below the key parks CIP projects approved in the 1996 budget and proposed in the 1997 budget. I think you will find that when these projects are completed, District 3 will enjoy a significant increase in parks and recreation facilities:
   Projects approved in 1996: $948,651 for Redmond Pool rehab (HVAC and roof repair); $276,009 for Cottage Lake design and permitting; $1,200,000 for acquisition of Camp Don Bosco in Duvall; and $51,715 for design and permitting of trestles along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.
   Projects recommended in 1997: $100,000 for skateboard parks (sites to be determined); $144,638 for restrooms at Cottage Lake Park; $1,800,000 for acquisition of 40 acres for Northshore athletic fields; $100,000 for Sammamish Valley trail improvements (Hollywood Hill bridge); and $315,373 for improvements to Lake Washington District fields.
   If you have any questions about any of these projects, please do not hesitate to contact Kathy Williams in my office at 296-1003.