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Exchange students need family hosts

exchange students Several Woodinville High School foreign exchange students are in need of host families for the remainder of the school year.
   Istvan, 17, is from Budapast, Hungary. He plays guitar and is interested in music and sports. He has played junior varsity footbal at WHS this fall.
   Begona is a 19-year-old from the Basque area of Spain. She is a serious student and looks forward to sharing time with a small, friendly family. She will want to keep attending St. Jude's in Redmond and the young adult group there.
   Kenneth, 17, is of Swedish nationality, who spent his early years in Germany and now lives on the island of Majorca off the coast of Spain. He is also a serious student who enjoys the guitar and sports.
   All of the students have studied English for several years. They have their own spending money and full medical insurance coverage. Host families need only provide breakfast, dinner, a bed, and a place to study. Interested families are urged to call Janell Gregson at 788-3065.