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Congratulations to the Woodinville Falcons Football Team

#1 in State, #25 in the Nation

WHS Falcons

WHS Falcons Top row, left to right: Eric Arneson, Clark Dickinson, Charlie Brannen, Josh Gifford, Isaac Amondson, Aaron Brown, Jeremy Cavanaugh, Kyle Keene, Grant Benzel, Bryan Otis, Nate Lubetkin.
Row 5, left to right: Chris Wille, Devan Dance, Cameron Pomada, Josh Hubbell, Garrett Kelly, Chalon Williams, Alan Raman, Paul Hoover, Sam Chesneau, Karl Miller, Brett Harris.
Row 4, left to right: Nong Kaeoprosit, Aaron Tennis, Matt Sipes, Travis Sherwood, Charlie Bolinger, Aaron Hineline, Josh O'Hair, David Hauck, Jeremy Tager, Tyler Roberts, Spencer Clayton, Ben Brobak, Brian Peterson.
Row 3, left to right: Trevor Bodine, Cesar Villasenor, Jamie Franklin, Coach Leander, Coach M. Bertram, Coach E. Bertram, Coach Kaskes, Coach Agnew, Coach Criscione, Coach Biermann, Coach Heffernon, Brad Kertson, Aaron Doubek, Kris Billmaier, Ben Warren.
Row 2, left to right: Nick Trujillo, Chad Walker, Kevin Bryant, Curtis Cruz, Travis Ault, Marc Lange, Nathan Barnes, Joshua Tobin, Derek Pederson, Kyle Carbone, Ryan Leavengood, Cory Noel, Jose Lemasson, Casey Carlson, Nathan Wyatt, Cory Holland, Sean Grief.
Bottom Row, left to right: Ryan Prentice, Travis Wilson, Brian Kertson, B.J. Detmer, Marques Tuiasosopo, Aaron Erickson, Ben Potter, Pat Conniff, Barrett Hanson, Seth Lopez, Rodney Anderson, Brigham Tomco, Blair McIntosh, Bennett Whitsell.

Head Coach Terry Agnew
   Terry Agnew, Head Coach of the Woodinville Falcons and teacher at WHS since 1989, believes in winning. It becomes a goal, then a habit, then a tradition. He has successfully coached the Falcons to the 1996 KingCo Division Championship with a State Playoff berth, a number one ranking statewide and 25th ranking in the nation, and an undefeated season.
   "Winning is contagious," Agnew says. "If you're around it enough, that's what your expectations are when you get out on the field." Agnew majored in kinesiology at UW, and was an All-Pac-10 baseball player.

WHS Falcons Team Roster

1Prentice, RyanRB/DL5'11"20012
2McIntosh, BlairRB/DB5'10"16212
3Leavengood, RyanWR/DB5'8"15012
4Lopez, SethQB/DB5'10"15512
5Tuiasosopo, MarquesQB/DB6'2"20012
6Brown, AaronTE/DB6'4"18511
7Billmaier, KrisQB/DB5'9"16510
8Kelly, GarrettRB/DB5'9"16011
16Carlson, CaseyQB/DB5'7"14010
17Kertson, BradWR/LB5'10"18511
18Anderson, RodneyWR/DB6'0"17511
19Ahlstrand, KurtK6'0"18512
20Tager, JeremyRB/DB6'0"16010
21Bryant, KevinRB/DB5'5"12511
22Williams, ChalonRB/DB6'0"17511
23Tennis, AaronWR/DB5'9"15011
24Arneson, EricRB/LB6'0"17511
25Hineline, AaronRB/LB5'11"20010
26Wyatt, NateRB/DB5'7"15011
27Tobin, JoshuaWR/OLB5'8"16612
28Barnes, NathanWR/DB5'9"16012
30Dickinson, ClarkTE/OLB6'2"17011
32Conniff, PatRB/DL6'1"21512
33Lange, MarcWR/DB5'9"14512
40Pederson, DerekRB/LB5'8"16012
41Hoover, PaulRB/LB5'10"17311
42Sipes, MattWR/LB5'10"16511
43Chesneau, SamWR/DB5'11"15511
50Brannen, CharlieOL/DL6'2"19511
52Detmer, B.J.OL/LB5'11"20012
53Wilson, TravisOL/DL6'3"23012
55Lubetkin, NateOL/LB6'0"20511
60Tomco, BrighamOL/LB6'0"23012
61Amondson, IsaacOL/DL6'3"21011
62Pomada, CameronOL/DL5'10"19511
63Keene, KyleOL/DL6'1"20511
64Kertson, BrianOL/LB6'1"23512
66Otis, BryanOL/DL6'1"17511
67Cavanaugh, JeremyOL/DL6'2"17611
70Carbone, KyleOL/OLB5'9"16512
71Dance, DevinOL/DL5'8"18511
72Benzel, GrantOL/DL5'11"22511
73Erickson, AaronOL/DL6'2"20512
80Hanson, BarrettTE/DB6'2"18012
82Whitsell, BennettWR/DB5'11"15012
83Potter, BenTE/DL6'4"20012
84Noel, CoryWR/DB5'10"15012