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Help shape future of Woodinville Fire District

Fire District's future by Ben May, Commissioner, and Steve Smith, Chief, Woodinville Fire District
The Commissioners of Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District are updating the district's five-year strategic plan.

Protect yourself against consumer identity fraud

consumer identity fraud by Teresa Maher, Better Business Bureau
In an age where all personal and financial information is recorded by various sets of numbers, it is crucial to keep these numbers private and out of the potential grasp of criminals.

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City should refund budget surplus to taxpayers

refund budget surplus In a recent story about the city's budgets, our "Mayor" Bob Miller is quoted to have said something like the following: "...We have a budget surplus this year ... and I see no reason to raise the (property) taxes this next year."

Village of Woodinville just got better

Village of Woodinville Our village just got better! At our Grange meeting last week it was reported that a young man hit and broke the Grange mailbox, and seeing no one around, left his name and address.

City can control development through zoning

control development I am honored that the Deputy Mayor, Don Brocha, felt an impulse to comment on my Oct. 12 letter about having too many duplicate stores in the new TRF-Pacific shopping center.

Cedar County supporters remain committed

Cedar County Establishing a new county today should be as unfettered as our founding fathers intended when they wrote Article XI, Section 3 of our state Constitution.

Government intent is something for nothing

something for nothing Without naming names, a couple of the mayors of our Eastside cities made some astounding statements at the Oct. 17 Sammamish Watershed Forum meeting of public officials gathered to determine goals for habitat/water quality preservation.

Intentionally deceptive bookkeeping hides deficit

deceptive bookkeeping While Clinton and the Congress fight over credit for the lower deficit just reported, it's time for some honesty. There is a heinous deception underway today, and it involves the national debt and the annual deficit.