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Guest Column

Help shape future of Woodinville Fire District

Fire District's future by Ben May, Vice Chair, Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District Commissioners,
and Steve Smith, Chief, Woodinville Fire District

The Commissioners of Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District are updating the district's five-year strategic plan. This plan is our guiding document for the care, safety, and protection of our citizens' businesses and institutions. Your concerns, issues, input, and feedback are critical for a realistic assessment of the quality of our present services, as well as any future needs.
   In order to ensure fair and balanced participation, the Woodinville Roundtable will act as the independent agent selecting a 30-plus person focus group to discuss the critical issues of fire and life safety and how these services are delivered.
   We are seeking representation from the following areas:
  1. Business, corporations.
  2. Institutions, churches, schools.
  3. A broad spectrum of citizens.
  4. Public services, chamber of commerce, etc.
   The only requirement is residency, business ownership, or working status within the Fire District, and a genuine interest in community life and safety issues. The group selected will be functioning within a workshop environment led by Jack Snook, CEO of Emergency Services Consulting Group.
   We anticipate this experience will be rewarding for all participants.

   Time and place: