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City should refund budget surplus to taxpayers

refund budget surplus In a recent story about the city's budgets, our "Mayor" Bob Miller is quoted to have said something like the following: "...We have a budget surplus this year ... and I see no reason to raise the (property) taxes this next year."
   There are several wrong things in his way of thinking that smack of big government elitism.
   One, if there is a budget surplus of that magnitude, this year's should be either rebated back to the taxpayers who need it to meet their monthly bills, or put into a fund to be used next year while simultaneously reducing the property tax rate for the next year by both the amount of the surplus and the probable surplus from next year. We, the taxpayers, need this money to meet our own monthly bills far more critically than the City of Woodinville needs to have that much money in its coffers.
   The second problem I have is that he is being deceitful, whether intentionally or not. The other major wrong-think in that statement is the "hidden" property tax increase that is happening because of the reassessment of the property value of our homes, which is resulting in about a $250-$300 per year tax increase--at the same rate.
   Both of these concerns coupled together lead to a conclusion that Miller, and probably some others on the council, are not being very caring in how they view the residents of Woodinville, and most definitely are not concerned that we often have to live paycheck to paycheck while they sit on our money.

Jim Bressani, Woodinville