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City can control development through zoning

control development I am honored that the Deputy Mayor, Don Brocha, felt an impulse to comment on my Oct. 12 letter about having too many duplicate stores in the new TRF-Pacific shopping center.
   He was absolutely correct when he said, "The city has no legal grounds to arbitrarily prevent any business from locating here." However, Deputy Mayor Brocha could have prevented it through zoning, and he and the other elected officials do have legal power over it!
   Large stores, such as Target, food markets, and movie theaters need a special type of zoning that is different from other small stores. They need large amounts of parking. How many of the nine parcels had this type of zoning, originally?
   If Deputy Mayor Brocha doesn't care for the view down 175th, I would suggest he move on to another town where the view is more to his liking when he is "stuck in traffic." I still think Woodinville is quaint, and that includes 175th.
   I would also suggest that the Deputy Mayor get out of office if he doesn't realize how he impacted the city with his zone-change vote. We cannot afford to elect any more like him! People who truly love and enjoy Woodinville should be the only ones who run for office.
   NE 175th needed to be wider before any concentrated shopping centers were permitted. If that could not be done because of past building permits for the businesses we have there now, then the number of stores that will be coming in on those nine parcels should have been cut in half. Perhaps only a few of the nine parcels should have been bought and/or developed.
   This, Deputy Brocha, you did have legal grounds to do!

Karen Ward, Woodinville