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Cedar County supporters remain committed

Cedar County Establishing a new county today should be as unfettered as our founding fathers intended when they wrote Article XI, Section 3 of our state Constitution.
   Benton, Ferry, Chelan, Grant, and Pend Oreille Counties were successfully formed after statehood under this provision of the constitution. But in recent years, attempts to place additional conditions on the formation of new counties through legislation and constitutional amendments have failed.
   On Sept. 16, the Cedar County Committee submitted over 11,000 additional signatures to the Secretary of State for validation. We had been assured of having the count of valid signatures by Nov. 4, but are now told it will be several more weeks.
   Secretary of State Ralph Munro has taken a position on the establishment of new counties. He will not certify our signatures as the election guaranteed us in the Washington State Constitution. Thus it appears we the people of the future Cedar County are forced to sue our own Secretary of State to fulfil his duty as the chief election official. We will file immediately upon notification of sufficient valid signatures.
   Now that it looks certain Cedar County will become a reality, opponents of this constitutional right will continue using whatever means they can to try to dissuade us. Rest assured that no matter the length and depth of the battle we must wage, we will persevere. We are committed to seeing Cedar County as our home!

Lois Gustafson, Chair, Cedar County Committee