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Duvall's Main Street is home to "old stuff"

antique shops

Duvall's Main Street is a haven for lovers of antiques and collectibles.
Photo by Ellen Curtis.

Duvall's Main Street by Ellen Curtis
It's Saturday morning, the day is completely open: Why not head out to Duvall, order coffee and a stack of pancakes, and snoop in its many antique shops?
   With its eye-catching signs and rustic storefronts, Main Street is drawing visitors who find it's hard not to stop and look around. Main has an updated look: Even City Hall is getting into things with its cow face sign humorously beckoning citizens into its offices.
   Duvall is becoming a popular destination for out-of-town tourists and "antiquers." Dorothy Carlson, an antique dealer around the region for the last 20 years, says the Antique Dealers Association has worked hard to bring life and business to downtown. Working with the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses, they've decorated the town each year during the holidays and planted flowers along the sidewalks in the summer to beautify the city and entice shoppers.
   Alana McCoy, owner of McCoy's Main Street Mercantile, acknowledges that healthy businesses like the Duvall Cafe are essential to keeping customers coming into her antiques and collectibles store next door. Her bright displays of crafts, ceramics, and country furniture are a mix of the old and the new. Antique "kitchen queens," dressers, and highboys serve as props for gifts, hand towels, and china. To keep a variety of goods available, McCoy buys from estate sales and an occasional garage sale. She'll also buy from folks who bring in boxes.
   "I sort through them and tell them what I can use and make an offer," she said.
   A couple of events coming up this fall and winter might entice even more visitors into town. Nov. 29 to Dec. 1 is "Tax-Free Weekend:" All the antique dealers and some participating merchants will offer their wares without charging sales tax. The first weekend in December will kick off the holiday season, and the town will be decked out in colorful lights and greens--Main Street looks like an antique Christmas card when it is aglow in December.
   Here are some of the shops you may want to see on your next trip to Duvall: