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Election results

election results The totals for King County races represent 100 percent of the polls and 90 percent of the absentees. The turnout in King County was a phenomenal 75 percent, with 733,872 ballots cast from a possible 976,656 registered voters. In Snohomish County, 71 percent of the 295,768 registered voters went to the polls, casting 209,979 ballots.

Regional Transit Plan

King County vote Snohomish County vote

King County

Charter Amendment 1 (redistricting every 10 years) Charter Amendment 2 (elected sheriff)

State Treasurer

First Congressional District

Eighth Congressional District

1st Legislative District

Senator Rep. Pos. 1 Rep. Pos. 2

44th Legislative District

Rep. Pos. 1 Rep. Pos. 2

45th Legislative District

Rep. Pos. 1 Rep. Pos. 2

Statewide and King County (KC) Initiatives Results

I-655 (end bear baiting) I-670 (term limits and ballots) I-671 (electronic gaming on Indian lands) I-173 (school vouchers) I-177 (charter schools)