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Auction raises $5,000 for Wilmot Gateway Park

Wilmot Gateway Park by Jeff Switzer
Hot tubs, ski-doos, and vacation condos in Hawaii were recently auctioned off at the annual Woodinville Chamber of Commerce auction, raising $20,000 for the chamber and $5,000 for the Wilmot Gateway Park.
   Additionally, $1,215 in kid bricks and tiles were sold, so youth in the community who may not be able to afford to participate can have their names added to the finished product. In all, $50,000 in items were donated, including Molbak's flowers for a year, free oil lube for a year, a free home page, and a score of others.
   "It was very unique this year," said Chamber Director Jeffrey Shaw. "One of the reasons we did so well was because the people wanted to help the chamber, but they also wanted to give back to the community as a whole by contributing to the park."
   Shaw said if the charity benefiting from the auction had not been quite so local, the funds raised may not have been as high.
   The park, scheduled for construction by the city in 1997, was recently added to the city's capital improvement program, which pledged $750,000 towards construction. The park was recently ranked third on a list of park and waterway grants from the state. A decision from the Legislature on allocation of those funds is pending.
   The private fundraising effort marches on and is seeking donations by selling kid and adult bricks, family and business tiles and structure sponsorships. Those interested can contact Lane Youngblood at City Hall at 489-2700.