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Northshore to retain own transportation system

NSD transportation The Northshore school board has reviewed the bids of three outside transportation contractors interested in providing busing services for Northshore School District students, and has determined that the financial differences between the outside companies and the district's actual costs were insufficient to justify the losses the district could expect if it did not manage its own fleet with its own drivers and mechanics.
   Durham, Laidlaw, and Ryder were asked to submit estimates to include transportation services, a facility to house the buses, staffing and fuel.
   "We are very fortunate to have transportation employees committed to high quality service and impeccable safety standards. Because so many of them live in the Northshore service area, they know the community and the families. We value their service and know that wouldn't be replicated with an outside provider," said Kirby Larson, school board president.
   The Northshore School District transports approximately 10,500 students daily on 119 buses. The full summer inspection scores awarded by the Washington State Patrol over the past three summers have been 100 percent, 99.2 percent, and 97.6 percent. Scores exceeding 90 percent are considered "outstanding." Turnover among Northshore bus drivers is exceptionally low; this past summer, only one driver resigned.