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Gymnasts see Olympic champs

Rocketeers Team

Gymnastics East Rocketeers Team (ages 9 and 10) recently saw the Olympic Champions at the Key Arena. Top row, from left, are Kimberly Adler, Heidi Walkingshaw, Christine MacDonald, and Emily Williams. Front row, from left, are Shelly Goodin, Katrina Seidel, and Carly Kummerlowe (not pictured: Chelsea Wanzer).
Photo by Jeanie MacDonald.

gymnastics champions On Nov. 8, the Gymnastics East Rocketeers Team, made up of 9- and 10-year-olds in Woodinville, went to the Key Arena with tickets to see "John Hancock's Tour of the World Gymnastics Champions."
   Excited to watch the best gymnasts in the world perform routines without the pressure of competition, the team sat together and cheered on the champions.
   "It was obvious that they were having fun," said 9-year-old Christine MacDonald.
   When asked what it was like to see the champions in person as opposed to on television, Jennifer Johnston said it made her "want to go down there and do those things herself."
   "I felt like my stomach was going to explode!" said a wide-eyed Ashley Ahlgrim, also on the team.
   The Gymnastics East team members perform in shows that are similar to what they observed, appearing in fundraisers, at school events, the Seattle Center, and Children's Hospital.