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WHS sports teams made the community proud

WHS sports Woodinville High School's sports teams have again brought the community together, uniting all its residents in excitement, support, and enthusiasm. The end results of the WHS efforts are less important than the common spirit they inspired.

Guest Column

The voters want cooperation

cooperation by Patty Murray, U.S. Senator
The election is over and the voters have spoken. Now it's time to go to work. So what did we learn?

Letters to the Editor

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Neighbors acted in true community tradition

true community In the middle of the snowfall that hit us on Tuesday, my 2-year-old son looked out the window and said, "Mom! A snow tree's falling!" A snow-laden tree had fallen from the property across the street, blocking NE 156th and coming to rest on the trunk of my car.

Contact councilmembers for information

contact councilmembers I was discouraged at the misunderstandings in two letters to the editor last week. These misunderstandings would have been cleared up if the writers had contacted either me or any other councilmember.

Small government, small ideas

small ideas I haven't been too involved with all of the goings-on in Woodinville politics lately, but I couldn't help responding to Bob Dixon's letter of November 11, "Mayor's allegation called unfounded."

Rural landowners paying for lost tax revenues

lost tax revenues King County is piling onto remaining rural landowners what the county is losing in taxes from parcels lost to annexation/incorporation.

Touch of Kitchen owner says farewell to community

A Touch of Kitchen A Touch of Kitchen became known as "The Kitchen Store" in Woodinville, which says to me something of what I wished to become in the community: A compliment to what I created. Thank you all so much.

Metro fare increase would jeopardize senior activities

Metro fare increase Recently, Sno-Valley Senior Center received copies from Senior Services about a Metro Fare Increase Survey. The round trip rate would go from $.50 to $1.70, more than triple.