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Neighbors acted in true community tradition

true community In the middle of the snowfall that hit us on Tuesday, my 2-year-old son looked out the window and said, "Mom! A snow tree's falling!" And so it had. A snow-laden tree had fallen from the property across the street, blocking NE 156th and coming to rest on the trunk of my car in my driveway.
   Within 15 minutes, I heard a commotion. A neighbor up the road had noticed the fallen tree and sent her husband to bring their chainsaw and a pickup truck. Several other neighbors joined in, cutting the limbs off the tree and cutting the trunk in half.
   They hooked the pickup truck to the trunk and pulled it out of the roadway, clearing one lane. That freed it up for traffic, but they kept on working until the whole roadway was cleared. The larger limbs and the trunk were pulled to the side of the road. They even cleared most of the branches from my driveway and my car.
   I could not help because I had my 2-month-old daughter with me, in addition to my son. So I fired up the propane grill (we had no power) and made a tray full of hot cocoa.
   However, I went outside with my contribution just a little too late. The work was done. All my neighbors were gone, driving and walking up the hill back to their homes.
   So, I want to take this opportunity to thank my neighbors, and to thank all of you who helped your neighbors out during this early winter storm.

Jenny Rackley, Woodinville