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Small government, small ideas

small ideas I haven't been too involved with all of the goings-on in Woodinville politics lately, but I couldn't help responding to Bob Dixon's letter of November 11, "Mayor's allegation called unfounded."
   Apparently, Mr. Dixon forgets when we were all running for the first Woodinville City Council in 1992. On many occasions and in many forums he would broadcast his platform for the future, should he be elected.
   Mr. Dixon says he never made any statement about recommending that council meetings be held in members' homes. Mr. Dixon's challenge to Mayor Miller was to document such a statement or retract the assertion.
   Since I clearly remember the statement on many occasions but couldn't prove it, I took it as a challenge to see if there was any documentation in print to support the Mayor's claim. I, for one, do not want to waste the Mayor's time with such drivel, so I wasted my own.
   In an Aug. 18, 1992 article in the Woodinville Weekly (page 3), Al Dams interviewed Mr. Dixon regarding his platform for the new city. In the article, Mr. Dixon stated more of his usual "small government" stuff, but also said that he was "not in favor of converting the Sorenson School into a city hall, nor having a large city staff." As you read on in the article: "He said City Council proceedings can be held in various meeting rooms around Woodinville..."
   In the Oct. 27, 1992 Woodinville Weekly (page 9), he stated more of the same "small government" stuff, which everyone wants. But the whole idea of having a mobile council, which meets someplace different each week, reminds me of the old Mayberry RFD TV show, where business was carried on out on the sidewalk, or in Floyd's barber shop.
   I guess my main concern about this and other incidents is that once again, Mr. Dixon is campaigning for the next election.
   Dixon has personally wasted so much time and tax dollars with his dumb ideas and divisive arguments that he should be ignored. I am, however, in total agreement with one of his platform ideas, and that is Term Limits. Your term was limited to one, so please, for the sake of all of us, keep it that way.

Don Schneider, former Woodinville City Councilmember