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A voice from within

Oscar Roloff by Oscar Roloff
This is the most unusual story I've ever written, and I've penned many of them over the years. Of course, there are some who won't believe what I'm about to put before you.
   It was in the early morning of 26 October 1996 and I'd just awakened. The reason why, I know not. All of a sudden I heard from my inner self, "This is to Oscar S. Roloff of 15121 121st NE, Kirkland, Washington. We are aware you have leukemia and all of us are praying for your recovery."
   That was it. The voice was not mine. Since I have cancer, my voice is somewhat tense and pained. This voice had an assured, calm tone.
   From where did the voice come? I have many prayers of the Guide Post people, from my shipmates, relatives, and readers of my articles. I have relatives that I wouldn't dare ask for answers as to where the voice within me came from. The voice, I presume, came from elsewhere and my inner unconscious transferred it to me.
   For a day or two, I kept it quiet for fear of ridicule.
   I did walk across the street to a friend who annually plays Santa Claus and presents toys and such to the young ill and the dying kids. I thought he might laugh. Instead, he said, "Oscar, I've had a similar experience. One night, I awoke to a terrible sweat. Then from within my inner self, I heard a low-key voice, not mine, tell me how to take care of my problems. I obeyed and am a new man again. I believe you, Oscar."
   But readers, in bringing this strange encounter before you, I have no reason to tell this to you, except it is the truth. I just don't understand what it is all about.
   It's perplexing to hear an inner soul speak to me to reassure me that prayers are in force in an attempt to keep me alive. I hope you understand.

A short story
   Recently, a reader of the Woodinville Weekly sent me this unusual story:
   One day during early World War II, five young North Dakota men were en route to the Army. Coming upon an Indian woman seer, they stopped and asked her who of the five would return from the war.
   She looked at them, studied their features, etc., and went into a trance. Emerging from that, she pointed to the men and said, "You won't return, you will, you will, the other two won't."
   When the war ended, the two she pointed out returned home.