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Molbaks named 'Citizens of the Year'

Egon Molbak

Lina Molbak

Egon Molbak.

Lina Molbak.

Citizens of the Year by Gareth Grube
Egon Molbak and his wife Lina were named the Woodinville Rotary's Citizens of the Year at a rotary meeting October 22.
   Egon Molbak is the founder and owner of the Woodinville landmark nursery that bears his name. He was cited for his many contributions to both the economic and social fabric of the community during the 40 years he has lived and worked in Woodinville.
   He was a member of the original INC (Involved Northshore Communities) program in 1969 that served the area's youth, was active in founding the YMCA, is a member of the Northshore Scholarship Foundation, and is a member of the Northshore Rotary Club.
   In his brief remarks while accepting the certificate, Molbak noted that the nursery started out on the "wrong side of the tracks," a reference to the nursery's location on the opposite side of the railroad from the original city center near what is now the grain terminal.