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Police Beat by Jeff Switzer
   The go-kart stolen from a local hardware store on Nov. 5 has been traced to as many as five Woodinville High students and two other Woodinville men as police continue their investigations. Four of the students are 17 years old, one is 18, and the residents implicated are 17 and 18 years old. Police were led to the suspects after witnesses saw them driving the $1,300 vehicle at Reider Pit in Snohomish County.
   On Nov. 20, police responded to the report of a pickup truck parked in a suspicious manner behind Albertson's. They found two Woodinville High students, the same allegedly involved in the go-kart incident above, in possession of explosives and drug paraphernalia. The officer smelled marijuana smoke and asked the two to step out of the vehicle. One student handed over a warm pipe, the other a cold one. While searching the vehicle, police found fireworks and explosives of the M-80 and M-100 variety. The suspects were cited and released.
   The weekend of Nov. 16, nine automobile engines, including several Chevy 350s and Ford 460s, were stolen from a business in the 19500 block of 144th NE, where thieves used a forklift to remove the stacked and boxed engines, damaging and leaving behind one engine in the process. Two briefcases, an electric card file, and a set of keys were also stolen.
   On the afternoon of Nov. 17, a Honda Accord parked in the gravel lot of the future Wilmot Park was broken into while the owner was on a 45-minute jog. Stolen items included one shoe, two pairs of pants, two college math books, cash, a wallet, and a backpack.