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Community helped make Falcon football season especially memorable

WHS football On Saturday, Nov. 23, it was absolutely great to see six charter buses pull out of the Woodinville Park & Ride filled with Falcon football fans. In addition, WHS Principal Dave Jones coordinated three Northshore school buses full of Falcon student rooters to the Woodinville-South Kitsap playoff game.
   The initial plan was to avoid rush hour traffic and parking hassles on Friday night, take the bus, and have a tailgate party all the way to the Lincoln Bowl. But when the snow hit early in the week, the game was switched to Saturday night, and people wondered if the buses might still be available for Saturday night. But the buses were available and the plan to bus to the Lincoln Bowl was still on.
   I was on the third bus, and we had the best tailgate food. We had enough to feed four full buses. Everyone was passing food up and down the aisles.
   We had a number of people come to the front of the bus during the trip and lead our group in cheers. We even had someone with a megaphone leading us with trivia questions. All in all, the bus ride to the Lincoln Bowl was fun.
   I want to take this opportunity, on behalf of WHS football coach Terry Agnew and the Falcon Gridiron Board of Directors, to say a big "thank you" to Carol Edwards and the Woodinville Weekly and Debbie Long and Travel Navigators for coordinating the Falcon Football Bus Express to the Lincoln Bowl and making it a memorable community event. The bus trip would not have been successful without your direction. We also want to say thank you to Joe Meagher, WHS Athletic Director, for pre-selling game tickets at the Park & Ride so we didn't have to stand in line at the Lincoln Bowl.
   To the Woodinville community and Falcon Football supporters, thank you for coming out and supporting our (your) Falcons. The community support was truly noticed by Coach Terry Agnew, his staff and players. A number of players have commented to me that they really noticed that there were a lot of people at the games. I've been told by Northshore School District Officials that the Kentridge/Woodinville playoff game a couple of weeks ago set new attendance records at Pop Keeney.
   Regardless of the outcome of the game, the season was especially memorable for our Kingco Champion coaches and team "on the field," which inspired activities that occurred "off the field," as in the Falcon Football Bus Express. Again, thank you for helping us help our team make memories!

Manu Tuiasosopo, President, Falcon Gridiron Board of Directors