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Many different visions for Woodinville

different visions I was saddened by the tone and the content of Karen Ward's response to Deputy Mayor Brocha's letter about development of the TRF property. She included several issues in her letter, and I will leave it to others to debate the accuracy of Ms. Ward's statements regarding "special zoning" or the legality of prohibiting duplicate businesses from the area.
   But I could not let several of her comments go without offering a different point of view. My recollection of Don Brocha's letter was that it was a clarification of facts and probably not a disagreement with the views of Ms. Ward. But apparently, Ms. Ward saw it differently.
   So it seems that if we agree with Ms. Ward, we are entitled to run for office representing her views. Likewise, if we disagree with her, we should move to another community because we do not "love and enjoy" the community in the way she does.
   I, too, would like to see Woodinville remain "quaint." However, I doubt if you could put 100 residents of the city together in a room and walk out with a single vision of what 175th Street or Woodinville should look like. Whose vision should prevail, and how many of them would need to leave town, according to Ms. Ward?
   I recently reread the public comments from the Target, etc. projects, and apparently there must be enough residents without objections to the decision the seven-member council made--not solely Deputy Mayor Brocha--because there is very little in the way of comments or objections, considering the magnitude of the project.
   I have had the opportunity to interact with Deputy Mayor Brocha for several years at city open houses, some council meetings, through school activities, and other community events. There are some decisions he has made that I might have made differently. But I have never once questioned his dedication to and love for Woodinville, the amount of time and effort he puts into his job as a councilmember, nor his integrity in honestly wrestling with the issues.
   I will not personally benefit from the TRF development, nor am I an apologist for any councilmember. But I think it is important to acknowledge that differences of opinion will always exist within the community and we need to debate those differences critically without resorting to personal attacks.
   And, yes, Ms. Ward, I believe I love and enjoy Woodinville every bit as much as you do, and I have no intention of changing my zip code. This city is big enough for the both of us.

Joseph Leonard, Woodinville