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Developers have reaped profits of zoning committee decisions

profits reaped Ex-Woodinville City Councilmember Don Schneider (Nov. 25 issue) says he has verified Mayor Miller's statement that I proposed holding council meetings at councilmembers' homes, by quoting the Aug. 18, 1992 Woodinville Weekly wherein I proposed holding City Council meetings in PUBLIC meeting places in various parts of the city. Note the difference.
   At the time, I felt that by utilizing meeting places in or near various neighborhoods, the council could get more input. Although this never happened, the city did use various places to receive public input for the Comprehensive Plan.
   Secondly, Don Brocha has a long letter in the same issue stating that the zoning is the same as it was since we became a city. He neglects to mention that he, Mark Jessup, and Don Schneider were the Zoning and Land Use Committee which drew up the zoning the City Council adopted when we became a city.
   As a member, if not the chair, of the Zoning and Land Use Committee, he and his fellow engineers not only determined that the TRF site should be Commercial, but they were also responsible for changing single family neighborhood zoning from minimum square-foot lots to "units per acre." Had they left the residential zoning alone, the residents in The Wedge would not be upset: Townhomes would not have been allowed, and any new construction would have required minimum square-foot lots per dwelling.
   It is my opinion that developers and large landowners have reaped the profits of that committee's decisions.

Bob Dixon, former City Councilmember, Woodinville