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Arson, vandalism in Snohomish County

arson, vandalism SNOHOMISH COUNTY--Last Wednesday afternoon, a utility trailer and its $15,000 in contents were torched in the first arson fire that area has seen in two years, putting the neighborhood on alert for additional incidents.
   According to fire investigators and Pam Crim, the homeowner, a gas can as far as 100 feet away was used to douse the storage trailer, which sits on 11 acres behind the residence in the 12400 block of 238th Street SE. The windows of a car parked near the trailer were smashed and the car's gas cap removed.
   Fire crews from Snohomish County 7 were on the scene to control the blaze, which did not reach the nearby home.
   Crim, who saw the fire from her kitchen window and alerted her husband and fire crews, is furious. "The whole neighborhood is shocked," she said. "This hasn't ever happened in our neighborhood before."
   Crim said they suspect teens came through the woods in back of their property, where they had recently cleared some trees. The yard is completely fenced except for that area. She added that fresh footprints were found in the area of the fire on Friday morning, as well as a can of equipment lighter fluid.
   Crim said her neighbors in the heavily wooded area, who went without power for more than 12 hours during the pre-Thanksgiving winds, had previously stored chainsaws and gas cans outdoors, but that has changed now.
   "One neighbor has padlocked everything now," she said.
   The Fire Marshal's advice on the matter was to keep all gas and oils and flammable materials locked up and out of sight.