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Electrical problems cause house fire

house fire Electrical problems are thought to be at the root of a one-story, wood-frame house fire the morning of Nov. 25, where a firefighter sustained a broken ankle while fighting the fire.
   Northshore Fire crews responded to calls from witnesses who saw smoke and flames coming from a house in the 14500 block of 32nd Avenue NE at about 11:30 a.m. No one was home at the time of the fire.
   The homeowners said they had been having problems with the electrical system, and several extension cords and electrical adapters had been hooked up throughout the house to provide electricity.
   "Extension cords are not intended for use in lieu of permanent wiring methods," said Terri Jones, Northshore Fire department's fire prevention specialist.
   The proper use for an extension cord is for temporary use of portable equipment, and the size of the extension cord should be adequate to handle the electrical capacity of the appliance it serves, she said.
   A multi-outlet strip with a built-in circuit breaker, listed with a nationally recognized testing laboratory, is an acceptable alternative to extension cords; however, check to see if your local fire department allows them.
   Ideally, each appliance should be plugged into its own electrical outlet.