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Slate slabs crush Brier man

fatal accident KENMORE--A 36-year-old Brier man was crushed to death by 12 slate slabs weighing 2,000 pounds each the morning of Nov. 22 at Masonry Construction Co., located at 7324 NE 175th Street in Kenmore.
   Steve Lince was working at the company, which produces marble and granite countertops, when the slabs fell against his chest, pinning him against the inside of a shipping container as he began to unload it at 7:44 a.m.
   King County Police and Northshore Fire crews were aided by Fruhling Construction, which used their equipment to lift the slabs from the man's body.
   The Department of Labor and Industries conducted an investigation prior to the removal of the body and may complete their investigation within the next few weeks. State law requires they complete the investigation within six months of the accident, and more complicated accidents such as the Pang warehouse fire and the Kingdome accident take the full half-year.