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Timbercrest Junior High newest in Northshore family

Boundaries being reworked district-wide

Timbercrest Junior High by Jeff Switzer
The committee charged with the daunting task of redrawing junior high school boundaries for nearly 20,000 students no longer had to refer to the new school as "Junior High #6" after the Northshore School Board adopted the name "Timbercrest Junior High School" for the school to open next fall.
   More than 200 names were considered by the Naming Committee, chaired by Cindy Salter, a Woodinville parent. The committee judged each name against 10 specific criteria. The four names emerging with the highest point total were then circulated among community members.
   More than 750 students, parents, staff and community members were informally polled for their preference among the four names. Timbercrest Junior High won their favor hands down.
   Timbercrest will be the easternmost school in the Northshore School District, located east of Paradise Lake at 19115 215th Way NE, Woodinville.

Feedback on new boundaries
   A public hearing Dec. 3 will give area residents an opportunity to comment on the boundaries as proposed, which endeavored not to split up any elementary schools when they advance to junior high.
   However, in response to public testimony, the committee voted to allow the 17 Kokanee students north of 228th Street SE to attend Skyview rather than Canyon Park; and the 26 Brentwood Shelton View students and seven from the Shelton View pocket to attend Skyview rather than Kenmore Junior High.
   A small pocket of Cottage Lake students just south of Bellevue Christian's Mack Elementary were slated to go to Timbercrest, but a proposal last week allows them instead to attend Leota.
   These proposals are not final, and represent the committee's recommendation going into the public hearing and possibly continuing on to the School Board Dec. 10.
   "I'm impressed with the vigor with which the people on the committee have looked at the options," said Harry Vanikiotis, executive director of secondary education for Northshore. "It's a committee that really worked hard to come up with a rational proposal for the board, one that lasts for years."

The new proposal:

   The next public hearing is Dec. 3 at 6:30 p.m. in the Ricketts Auditorium in Bothell. The issue of transitions, allowing students from certain grades to continue at their current schools, and waivers will be addressed if there is time on Dec. 3, followed by a Dec. 5 meeting at the same time and location.