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District wins state grant

state grant The Northshore School District has been awarded a $58,998 competitive grant from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Monies will be dedicated to two separate projects, both focused on the Washington State Essential Learnings.
   The first project is a June 1997 week-long institute called "Teaching to Standards" open to all 30 Northshore schools and teachers. At this institute, organized and taught by Northshore personnel Carolyn O'Keefe, Grace Dublin, John Vande Moortel, and Susan Holmberg, teams of teachers will learn how to incorporate the Washington State Essential Learnings into activities ending with a performance-based problem-solving activity. The activity will be based on a real-world issue or problem related to school-to-work standards.
   The second project serves Northshore's International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, open to all the district's high schools beginning fall 1997. Funds from this grant will provide preparation time for teachers, counselors and a librarian to connect the IB curriculum to the state's essential learnings, to purchase advanced and sophisticated IB instructional materials and to send a team of IB teachers for advanced training at a regional IB meeting.
   A rigorous pre-university course of study meeting the needs of highly motivated secondary students, IB is applauded by college admissions directors for its high academic standards, emphasis on analytical and critical thinking, and focus on written communication.