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Team posts winning season

Killer Bees

Top row, left to right: Coach Rob Travelstead, Kelli Kavran, Heather Washington, Ashley Wright, Lacy Jost, Mindy Aber, Rachel Long, Katie Volz, Marianne Scott, Amanda Smith, coach Dick Smith. Front row: Angela Travelstead, Michelle Moree, Kirsten Clark, Alicia Machay, Sarah Azim, Emily Jennings, Erika Longley, Jessica White, Stephanie Dunn.

Killer Bees The Killer Bees, a Northshore U-17 girls' soccer team, finished their season with nine wins and only one loss. The team came in second in the District 2 America Cup Final and will play in the state final Dec. 7 and 8 in Centralia. The girls were awarded the Sportsmanship Award for their age group after being rated by referees on the conduct and attitude of not only the players, but also their parents and coaches.