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Guest Column

Holiday season fire safety tips

fire safety tips from the U.S. Fire Administration
A candle-lit Christmas tree at grandmother's house may be a thing of the past, but fire hazards still loom in American homes.

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Kind people helped in frightening experience

frightening experience On Tuesday, Nov. 26, as I was driving down Avondale Road with my two small children, my van was struck by another vehicle coming down a cross street, whose driver did not realize he had a stop sign.

Public airing of ideas discouraged

ideas discouraged Change is a fact of life, but to have choices about the direction of that change, we need ideas and options before making decisions. The democratic process works best when people are able to publicly suggest options and alternatives for consideration by all.

County could 'find' money to cure lake problems

Cottage Lake A recent perusal of government literature furnished the answers to some Cottage Lake questions.

Linemen worked night and day to restore power

restoring power Puget Power's customer information is no doubt in need of some fine tuning. You can criticize them all you want, but when you start bad mouthing the power linemen, I must take offense.

Public safety not served by stadium sites

public safety Orting residents have been cautioned about Mr. Rainier. But King County has remained silent regarding the slushy soils beneath the Kingdome and the Ackerley site. Granted, that is typical for a county that didn't even issue warnings about hot dogs or ceiling tiles.

Community should be free to decide what's prohibited

free to decide Today I was doing laundry as usual, and picked up your paper. What I found disturbed me. It seems that "sexually oriented" business is "protected by the Constitution."

Mountain View name change brought order to street

name change To [King County Councilmember] Louise Miller and staff: Thank you all for putting to right a 20-year-old aggravation of trying to direct friends and services to our home the last four miles of road with eight different numbers.