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Kind people helped in frightening experience

frightening experience On Tuesday, Nov. 26, as I was driving down Avondale Road with my two small children, my van was struck by another vehicle coming down a cross street, whose driver did not realize he had a stop sign. My van spun out of control, coming to rest on the opposite side of the road. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but we were all very shaken.
   I am writing this letter in an effort to thank some of the many people who came to our assistance. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who took the time and effort to offer help and I'm hoping some of them will see themselves here and know that they were very much appreciated.
   When I got out of my van to assess the damage and check on my children (who were both crying heartily), there were immediately a half dozen people waiting to help.
   One woman helped me calm down; there were several offers of coats for my family; one nearby family offered to shelter us in their home and brought a wet rag for my daughter who had vomited; another man offered for us to wait in his nearby church; several people offered to act as witnesses for the police; an off-duty police officer who lived nearby called for a police car and medic unit to come, and they arrived within a couple of minutes; and the medics gave my daughter a stuffed dog, changed my flat tire, and followed me home to make sure I'd make it safely home in my crippled vehicle.
   Being involved in the accident was not a pleasant experience, but I'm very grateful that no one was hurt. My heart has been warmed by the unselfishness of all the kind people who helped us get through a frightening experience.

Laura Beaton