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Linemen worked night and day to restore power

restoring power In response to the Puget Power service complaint (Dec. 2 issue):
   Puget Power's customer information is no doubt in need of some fine tuning. You can criticize them all you want, but when you start bad mouthing the power linemen, I must take offense.
   Your week sounded very uncomfortable; let me tell you about mine.
   My storm started Sunday afternoon on Nov. 17. Come Tuesday morning, I thought I could finally go home. After all, I had just worked the last day-and-a-half. Then the snow hit, and power lines were down all over.
   With most of the contract crews working in other areas, responsibility set in. I went home, took a shower, kissed my wife and kids, and explained that there were a lot of people out of power and I was needed.
   I worked night and day to restore your power, eating every 10 to 15 hours and taking catnaps every chance I got. Every time we went into a restaurant, we would get dirty looks and the same questions: "What are you doing in here?" "Don't you know my power is out?" Or the ever-so-popular question, "WHEN IS MY POWER GOING TO BE BACK ON?" If I had a nickel for every time I heard that line...
   As for the 10 power linemen "partying" in a very leisurely manner, I doubt very seriously that it was the highlight of their week, while ordering more coffee and mud pie knowing that there wouldn't be any more until the next day.
   The power lineman said, "The damn customers could keep waiting." He was most likely tired of being ragged on for getting his one meal for the day. What he should have said was, "The ungrateful public can wait until I have finished my warm meal in peace."
   So the next time you decide to run down the power linemen who restore your power, get your facts straight. Not to mention the following week the same power linemen were out restoring power on Thanksgiving Day...

A power lineman

P.S. My own power was restored on Friday at 9 a.m. and my wife wasn't very happy, either.