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Community should be free to decide what's prohibited

free to decide Today I was doing laundry as usual, and picked up your paper. What I found disturbed me. It seems that "sexually oriented" business is "protected by the Constitution."
   How can this be, I thought? Does not a community have the freedom to refuse certain activities from being accepted as a legitimate business? I say yes!
   And who decides as to whether or not an activity for profit is to be accepted by the community? I say the community decides.
   If they should decide that plumbing is a morally undesirable activity, for example, then that community should have the right to not allow plumbing for profit. I say that would and should be up to each community to decide. That decision then would go for all regardless of creed, religion, race, or color, etc.
   That means in that community, there would be no black or white plumbers plumbing for profit. That means there would be no Baptist, or Lutheran, or Mormon, or Satan worshipers plumbing for profit in that area. They could do their plumbing elsewhere. I believe that's up to the community. I believe that's the way it should be. This is America, is it not?
   So I asked my friend where is it that these sexually oriented businesses are protected by the Constitution? I was not aware of anything in the Constitution protecting sexual activity for profit. He said it was supposedly protected by the right to freedom of speech. I thought...they should be free to speak about it all they want, but not be allowed to practice it for business or show it practiced for profit.
   Imagine a community which has forbidden the practice of a plumbing business for profit because they considered it an immoral practice and undesirable for their community. Fine, I say. But what about selling plumbing books and tapes? It should also be forbidden, I suspect, because they have regarded plumbing for profit to be immoral. People can do their own plumbing at home for free. What they do in their own home is their own business, I say. And they are responsible to God for it.
   I do not believe plumbing is protected by the Constitution. I say the community is to be free! They should be free to decide what they want to allow in their community as far as business practices.
   Should a narcotics business have the constitutional right to sell narcotics to school children? I say no. It's not protected by the Constitution. It's up to the community.
   The community has rights. We have a Constitution.

Sincerely Not Happy,
Ray Brensike, Bothell