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Book describes 'The Perfect Gift'

Sandra Wilson

Author Sandra Wilson hopes readers will find her book informative and helpful this holiday season and throughout the year.
Photo by Deborah Stone.

The Perfect Gift by Deborah Stone
Giving and receiving gifts is a constant part of our lives. We give at expected occasions, such as birthdays or weddings, and we also give at unexpected times to express special sentiments. Matching the right gift to the right person, however, can be a challenge for many people.
   To help people master the art of giving, Mill Creek author Sandra Wilson has written Giving the Perfect Gift, a guidebook of imaginative gift ideas and suggestions.
   "The impetus for this book came from the realization that I spend much time searching for meaningful gifts and when I give others gifts they truly enjoy, it makes me feel good," Wilson said.
   Wilson started keeping notes about memorable gifts she has given and received and also spoke with friends and family members about their experiences with gift giving. She didn't find any books that dealt with this subject matter specifically, and felt that there was a need for such a resource.
   The book, the first publication for Wilson, was published last year, and to date has sold over 1,500 copies. It is meant to be a user-friendly reference with space to jot notes and brainstorm ideas, surveys for the reader to take on gift giving options and forms to record gifts given. It is divided into clearly marked easy-to-read sections and includes chapters on such topics as wrapping and presentation, problems to avoid, and catalogue giving. There's even a his-and-her clothing size chart and fashion survey.
   So, what is a perfect gift?
   "It expresses the idea that you honor an important part of the person who receives the gift. It says that you have paid attention, observed, been aware, and discovered that person's wants or needs. You care," Wilson said.
   The book devotes an entire section to responses to the question, "What was your most memorable gift?" There's also a chapter on gift ideas which the reader can use and adapt to fit the recipient in mind. The suggestions are applicable to all budget levels and range from giving the gift of togetherness to providing someone with the tuition to take a class.
   Wilson is already at work on her second book, Why Didn't I Think of That?, another resource guide with ideas to help let others know they're special.
   When not writing or researching her projects, Wilson, previously a teacher, is a professional speaker, presenting seminars throughout the country on effective communication, stress management, relationship building, and the art of gift giving. She is also a specialist in handwriting analysis who lectures aboard cruise ships.
   Giving the Perfect Gift is available for $13. Call 485-4855.