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Decision soon on Wedge development

Wedge development by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--The proposal to put 32 homes on four acres in the Wedge area has yet to be resolved, but the City Council is required to come to a decision on the appeals this week after closing the public hearing at its Dec. 2 meeting.
   Councilmembers concluded their questions of staff, applicants, and appellants, and closed the public hearing portion of the process. They are scheduled to begin their deliberations at the Dec. 9 meeting.
   The appellants, Robert Margoshes and Richard Reed, contend that the project would not be in keeping with the existing neighborhood and that the traffic counts are erroneous because a consultant conducted the traffic evaluation during the summer months. The neighborhood maintains that the counts fail to consider the traffic generated by Woodinville High School, whose students use the neighborhood as a through-way to 132nd Avenue NE and the freeway.
   According to city staff, the numbers were adjusted 20 percent to reflect the school traffic, which they say matched closely the reality of a later study they conducted, the details of which were not entered into the public record for the projects.
   If approved, the project proposes to provide affordable housing for several of its units, thereby qualifying for the city's density bonus of up to 150 percent of the zoning, or nine units per acre.
   Drawings for the project show pairs of houses with shared driveways, each fronting on the project's roads to allow more visibility for the dense development. A common recreation space is proposed, as well.
   The council must make a decision within 10 working days after closing the public hearing.