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Police beat

Police beat by Jeff Switzer
According to a police report, just before midnight on Nov. 17, a car with three occupants attempted to merge onto SR-522 behind a white Chevy pickup reportedly traveling 40 MPH. The driver of the auto, a 19-year-old Snohomish resident, reported he flashed the car's high beams in hopes of encouraging the truck to get up to speed. The car passed the truck, which immediately merged behind it, flashing its lights.
   The car pulled off the freeway at NE 175th Street in Woodinville and drove into an unfamiliar lot. The truck pulled in behind it, reportedly blocking the exit. The male driver allegedly brandished a 12-inch metal pipe, which he used to threaten the three occupants.
   He then backed off and returned to his truck, moving it and giving them a chance to leave. The car's occupants told police that as they drove out of the lot, he could be seen out of the vehicle smashing a garbage can with the pipe.
   During the holiday weekend, in the 14700 block of NE 178th, a neighbor noticed the front door of a nearby residence was wide open, the family away for the holiday. She called police, who discovered that a siphon into a gas can was emptying all over the interior of a boat in the garage. Unable to stop the flow, they took it outside.
   Missing were a man's watch, a woman's watch, one earring and one pair of earrings, a portable CD player, eight CDs, and a tweed suit.