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TRF changes face of Woodinville

buildings demolished by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--The TRF-Pacific retail development began taking down buildings last week, nearly 20 in all, ranging from small structures and residences to large steel warehouses.
   Several buildings required asbestos abatement, including Archie's Cafe and the houses. The dirt pushing also began, and the grading for the site will quickly change the last visible pasture area in the downtown.
   R & R Espresso was the first to come down, though their plans are to put a structure in the Doug's Boats parking lot. The two small houses between R & R and Schucks were moved down the valley across from the Hollywood Schoolhouse.
   The building which formerly housed the Woodinville Weekly came down Friday morning, followed by the Griffin residence just north of it. Gone also is the two-story residence on main street, the house south of Lowell DeYoung's brick residence, to be followed soon by the two to the north.
   A large steel warehouse has yet to be removed, as the issue of whether to salvage it has yet to be decided.