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Getting acquainted with Greater Woodinville

editorial by Wendy Walsh, Community Editor
Woodinville is a community in transition. In fact, in many ways it is no longer a community in the old sense, of sharing more than a zip code.

Guest Column

Illiteracy: The hidden costs

illiteracy by Alice Ferrier, Executive Director, Eastside Literacy Council
Illiteracy is a challenge for business. It affects employees, customers, and profits.

Letters to the Editor

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Defining 'liberal'

defining 'liberal' I am a liberal. I believe in being broad-minded. I take time to ponder the actions of others and I think "reform and progress" are important objectives. But I have been appalled at the back room decisions and high-handed attitudes of the fire comissioners.

City gave Brittany Park a good deal

Brittany Park The city purchased 3.14 acres from Brittany Park (Leisure Care). I asked for a copy of the appraisal and was told that the City Attorney had advised the city that I could not see the appraisal until after the sale was finalized.

King County is giving away your water

water rights Listening to Friday's "appeal hearing" on the proposed Northridge development slated for Bear Creek was as absurd as it was frustrating.

Air bags do save lives

air bags Much attention has been given recently to the dangers posed to children by air bags. While air bags work very well with lap/shoulder belts to protect older children and adults who ride facing the front of the car, they could seriously injure or even kill an unbuckled child.

County spending in North Bend is folly

county spending How selfish my friends in North Bend seem: $12,000,000 to buy Tollgate Farm. The county will pay $5,000,000. Why? Why so much for a few acres of alder next to Nintendo and the Factory Outlet Mall?

Born again

born again Being with child is kind of like the glow "we" have surrounding "us" since "we" carry Christ within "us."