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Getting acquainted with Greater Woodinville

editorial by Wendy Walsh, Community Editor
Woodinville is a community in transition. In fact, in many ways it is no longer a community in the old sense, of sharing more than a zip code.
   We used to be all loosely linked together by our children's schools and activities, and by the small shopping centers where we recognized other folks. There were a couple of Rural Routes, and we all knew our mail carriers.
   Geographically, Woodinville has always been spread out, but there were a few meeting places where we all came together, like the Mountain View Improvement Club near Leota Jr. High. If you didn't actually know your neighbors, you probably knew something about them.
   The Woodinville Weekly has been fortunate in having Oscar Roloff's reminiscences to keep us in touch with characters and episodes which connect us with the Old Community. However, times are changing, and so is the Woodinville Greater Community.
   When downtown Woodinville incorporated, many of the rest of the folks "out there" made it clear that they didn't want any part of such things. In fact, some will insist they are not part of Woodinville in any sense. The Out There Neighborhoods may identify more with Redmond or Duvall, even though their children go to Northshore schools.
   It has gotten confusing: Just what kind of identity do we have in unincorporated Woodinville? And how do we connect with the incorporated area, if at all?
   A new feature about the Greater Woodinville Community explores the composition of our neighborhoods beyond the incorporated area. There are many newcomers who are unacquainted with the complexities of Greater Woodinville, which is mainly in the Bear Creek Valley.
   All streams in the Bear Creek Valley eventually flow into the Sammamish River at Redmond. The Sammamish River flows through Incorporated Woodinville, so we are connected through our shared ecosystems.
   As John Donne said in the 1600s: "No man is an island." So even though many of us live in our woods, or separate small neighborhoods, we are all part of larger communities.
   Future articles will expand our acquaintance with the Greater Woodinville Community.