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Defining 'liberal'

defining 'liberal' I have been following the stories in the Woodinville Weekly about the fire department, Mary Baum, and others. In the Dec. 9th issue, Commissioner Callon called those asking for accountability "vocal, liberal minorities."
   My dictionary defines liberal as "broad-minded, favoring reform or progress, not conservative." Apparently he only understands the last two words of the definition and thinks he is calling his "enemies' list" a dirty name.
   I am a liberal. I believe in being broad-minded. I take time to ponder the actions of others and I think "reform and progress" are important objectives. But I have been appalled at the back room decisions and high-handed attitudes of the fire comissioners.
   As a member of the community I can only hope that until the next election, the other Fire Commissioners will step up to the plate and be more liberal, broad-minded, open processed, and inclusive as they make "reform or progress."

Pat Talbott, Woodinville