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City gave Brittany Park a good deal

Brittany Park The city purchased 3.14 acres from Brittany Park (Leisure Care). I asked for a copy of the appraisal and was told that the City Attorney had advised the city that I could not see the appraisal until after the sale was finalized.
   The appraisal was for $1.1 million, yet the city purchased the property for $1.65 million. In addition, the city will provide additional parking for Brittany Park Phase II.
   To me, something is very wrong about this arrangement, with the city paying $550,000 more than the appraisal and providing "shared" parking for Brittany Park. (Shared parking means that if Brittany Park has unused parking spaces, non-residents of the facility can use them). The 3.14 acres were part of a larger land purchase by Brittany Park, and I don't know what they paid for the entire parcel, so can't determine the "profit."
   Let's say you have some property for sale, and you have a party who is interested in purchasing it. The interested party has access to lots of money, so you ask for 50 percent more than the appraised value. The prospective buyer not only agrees to pay you half again as much as the property is appraised, but agrees to give you an easement and agrees to let you use a portion of the property. Sound like a good deal?
   Again, the city of Woodinville is spending taxpayer money like it is going out of style, for that is exactly what happened when the city bought 3.14 acres from Leisure Care (the owners of Brittany Park). The land was appraised at $1.1 million by Washington Appraisal Services. The city purchased it for $1.65 million. Not only that, but the city agreed to a portion of this 3.14 acres being used as an easement for Brittany Park's use, and additional parking for Brittany Park Phase II when it is developed.
   Three members of the City Council who approved this arrangement and who voted to spend taxpayers' money for this purpose are up for re-election in 1997. They are Mayor Bob Miller, Deputy Mayor Don Brocha, and Councilmember Lucy DeYoung.
   If you live in the city, I suggest that you make a note on your November 1997 calendar and vote for whoever opposes these councilmembers.

Bob Dixon, former City Councilmember, Woodinville