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'Naturescaping' your garden

'Naturescaping' by Wendy Walsh
Recently, a wildlife-friendly Landscaping Seminar was sponsored by the King County Wildlife Program. Kate Stenberg, wildlife biologist, hosted the program for a sold-out audience of more than 60 participants at the Woodinville Library.
   An introductory slide show was shown by Terry Lavender, a local resident who lives near Bear Creek. Lavender showed her home before and after landscaping almost exclusively with native vegetation.
   "The greatest difference between this kind of garden and a conventional garden is the sound," she explained. "In a 'naturescaped' garden, there will be the sound of birds and the buzzing of bees, and the rustle of creatures in the shrubbery, because this is a wildlife-friendly environment."
   In one of Lavender's photos, there was a tree-frog nestled in a dahlia blossom. "Tree-frogs love dahlias, and it's okay that they nibble some of the edges, because there are different kinds of perfection," Lavender said.
   The seminar included an overview of natural environments and habitats and led into the ways these concepts can be recreated in landscaping a home. Russell Link, a natural plant specialist, spoke about which kinds of plants work well in home environments, as well as encouraging butterflies, bees and birds.
   The general conclusion was that a conventional garden can include many native species which are wildlife friendly. The garden which is naturescaped is more fully dimensional because it goes well beyond visual beauty.
   For further information, call Kate Stenberg at 296-7266.