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Tax returns by phone

tax returns by phone To encourage American taxpayers to file their returns by phone next year, the Internal Revenue Service will send more than 22 million of them a TeleFile tax package with a worksheet instead of a tax form.
   The TeleFile package, which should arrive in mail boxes near the end of December, gives taxpayers the ability to file their tax returns by making a free, 10-minute call on a touch-tone telephone. The TeleFile system is paper-free and available 24 hours a day.
   Last year, over 67,000 taxpayers in Washington State used TeleFile and more than 99 percent said they would use the system again.
   Enhancements in the TeleFile system this year give married couples filing a joint return and single taxpayers the opportunity to file by phone. Refunds can also be deposited directly into bank accounts. TeleFile saves time and money for taxpayers and the IRS, becasue it eliminates many errors and can speed the arrival of refunds.
   Taxpayers eligible to use TeleFile have no dependents; taxable income of less than $50,000 from wages, interest or unemployment compensation; and the same mailing address as the year before.
   Forms are also available by phone at 1-800-829-3676, and from participating banks, post offices, and libraries.