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City paid fair value for property

fair value The city recently purchased 3.14 acres in downtown Woodinville for $1.65 million. A recent letter to the editor questioned the price and conditions of the city purchase.
   The price was established after lengthy negotiations between the seller and the city professional real estate broker and reflects a fair value for the property and is in line with other downtown purchase/sell values.
   The original asking price of $1.85 million was rejected by the city as too high. The purchase of the property was and is an important part of the city's overall capital facilities plan which balances the city's overall needs.
   Much is made of shared parking regarding the purchase. Let me state that shared parking arrangements in a downtown area is an old and proven concept that results in efficient use of space where it benefits all parties involved.
   The acquisition of the three-plus acres establishes a clear future in the downtown center for the city.

Robert R. Miller, Mayor, City of Woodinville