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Falcon football enjoyed tremendous support

WHS football I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Carol Edwards, the Woodinville Weekly, and the entire community of Woodinville for their tremendous support during our football season. I know the players and coaches were affected very positively by the pictures, congratulatory ads, and support of so many people in the community.
   Woodinville High School fans were the talk of the league, with their tailgate parties, huge crowds at both home and away games, and the 5th quarter celebrations. Our team had great media coverage and we felt fortunate to have Russ Paris to write the local articles.
   I would also like to publicly thank the Gridiron Club for creating such a positive experience for the players and coaches. The Gridiron Club organized everything from team dinners every week to putting up signs around the school to inspire the players and student body. This has truly been a great group of parents that have gone the distance in supporting their sons and helping to create school spirit and community pride.
   The continued growth of the Gridiron Club and the support of the community this year has been exceptional. I hope that Woodinville High School Football will continue to have such a great following in future seasons.
   Go Falcons!

Terry R. Agnew, Head Football Coach, Woodinville High School