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Councilmembers responsible to constituency

political hypocrisy During the Dec. 9 meeting of the Woodinville City Council's deliberation on the appeal of the Stone Hill and Stone Meadows projects, Councilmember DeYoung vocally objected to the statements of Councilmembers Engel and Solberg. She stated several times that they have in the past voiced strong opinions in favor of "affordable housing," that "this is what they get," and made allusions that Ms. Engle and Ms. Solberg were "hypocritical" and "grandstanding for the voters" because they voiced opposition to the project.
   As one of the appellants in this matter, I must point out that the appeal is based on objections to the density of the project (32 houses on four acres), the poor match to the existing neighborhood, and the impact to traffic and safety, along with what we felt was an invalid traffic survey.
   Never, ever in any of our written appeals or verbal testimony did we mention affordable housing. We took great pains to ensure that not only was affordable housing a non-issue, it had to have the appearance of a non-issue. Affordable housing is a responsibility of all communities and their citizens. Perhaps in Ms. DeYoung's mind "affordable housing" means dense housing. This is not necessarily so.
   I resent Ms. DeYoung bringing this up in a public forum. It never was an issue, and for her to use it to justify her position is, in my opinion, "grandstanding" and a cheap shot.
   Affordable housing aside, Ms. DeYoung insinuates that Ms. Solberg and Ms. Engel are guilty of hypocrisy for voting "for" something last year, then voting "against" a similar something later on after a strong showing by the citizens. Where is it written that politicians have to be locked into one mind-set forever? No one is allowed to change their mind? She calls it hypocrisy. I call it "being responsive to your constituency."

Richard C. Reed, Woodinville