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Divide and conquer approach to taxes

unfair taxation I understand Social Security Payments will increase next year by 2.5% (maybe). King County just re-assessed our property for 1997 and it was an increase of 35%. No one asked how this increase was to be paid. After several calls, it became apparent King County is neither concerned nor cares how this increase will be paid, just pay it.
   This is a selective increase. Next time, someone else will get this big increase: the divide and conquer approach to increase taxes.
   It appears the tax-and-spenders are still in charge and are getting ready to subsidize local money, people with influence, with new sports facilities.
   If the county or the city of Woodinville are investing some more in property, ours is available and for a lot less than Meadowbrook Farm, Tollgate Farm, or the three-plus acres purchased from Brittany Park.

John R. Wood, Woodinville