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Fire Board meetings not 'user friendly'

Fire Board meetings In response to the article about Commissioner David Callon, I would like to say that yes, I am someone who has recently taken an interest in the "direction" of the Fire District Board.
   However, I would not characterize myself or anyone else that I have heard raise issues at the meetings as someone who is trying to "demean, belittle, hurt, damage, and cost the district money." I would say that expressing opinions and monitoring the actions and decisions of the Fire Commissioners is actually part of being a citizen of this community.
   I would have to ask Commissioner Callon why he takes exception to honest interest and concern on behalf of these citizens attending the meetings and raising issues. I just can't help feeling that the Fire Commissioners would really be happiest if no one attended their meetings.
   It is difficult to attend the meetings. The day of the week has changed twice since I began attending in September, and it is difficult, if not impossible some weeks, to find mention of the meeting date and time in the Woodinville Weekly. Why isn't the meeting listed with an agenda similar to the City Council meetings?
   Also, when you do attend a meeting, it never starts on time, as the commissioners spend usually 15-20 minutes shuffling through their papers and reading their packets. Could this not be done before the meeting?
   At every meeting I have attended, the commissioners have found it necessary to retire for an "executive session" which lasts at least 45 minutes. They do not do this at the end of the meeting but right in the middle, so the public must sit and wait for their return to finish the meeting.
   I would say these meetings are definitely not "user friendly," but I still strongly encourage you to make every effort to attend and see for yourself what is going on in our Fire District.

Kathy Agnew, Woodinville