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One lucky duck!

patient duck

Dr. Darrell Kraft, owner of Sno-Wood Veterinary Hospital, made flying a bit safer last week for this 2-year-old female mallard after removing a blow-dart from her back.
Photo by Jeff Switzer.

lucky duck by Jeff Switzer
   The prognosis is good for a female mallard duck chased down and transported by animal rescue volunteers to Sno-Wood Veterinary Hospital after it was spotted flying wounded with a blow-dart in its back.
   Closer examination found the dart was lodged dangerously close to the duck's heart. Doctors speculated it had been there as many as 10 days.
   "It's sad to see people doing this kind of stuff to animals," said Dr. Darrell Kraft, Medical Director for Sarvey Regional Wildlife Center, the group which brought the duck in for treatment on Dec. 18. The mallard went back to Sarvey to recuperate Thursday night.
   The duck made the TV news Wednesday and Thursday, but Kraft can't figure out why they seized on this particular case.
   "This is pretty typical," he said. "We get deer, hawks, owls, foxes, several cases weekly. We see fishhooks, too."
   Sarvey is staffed by volunteers who find, transport and rehabilitate injured animals. Those interested in donating to their cause can call (360) 435-4817.